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Laboratoire AIM - UMR 7158
CEA Saclay
Orme des Merisiers, Bat 709
91 191 Gif-sur-Yvette

Tel: +33-1-69-08-49-37

vianney.lebouteiller -at- cea.fr

--- About me

  • CNRS - Charge de recherche 1ere classe (since 2014)

  • Laboratoire AIM (Astrophysique, Instrumentation, Modelisation) - CEA, Saclay

  • Groupe LFEMI (Laboratoire Formation d'Etoiles et Milieu Interstellaire; star formation and interstellar medium)

  • Sous-groupe NUAGES (Nearby Universe Agents of Galaxy Evolution)

  • CV (francais - english)
  • --- Research

  • Research keywords: ISM, chemical evolution, PDRs, molecular gas and star formation, nearby galaxies, thermal balance

  • Method keywords: spectral extraction, spectral atlas, spectral line measurements

  • List of publications
  • --- Development of research tools

  • CASSIS: the Cornell Atlas of Spitzer/IRS Sources
    CASSIS is foremost a pipeline to extract IRS spectra for extended sources (tapered column) and point sources (optimal) of low- and high-resolution spectra. The extraction method is chosen automatically depending on the source spatial extent. The background subtraction method is also chosen automatically. The spectra are gathered in an online database with many request possibilities. A local use is offered by request for specific large-scale studies. CASSIS is a useful tool to prepare JWST observations!

  • SMART: Spectroscopic Modeling Analysis and Reduction Tool
    IDL package to extract and analyze Spitzer/IRS spectra. Includes image analysis and several extraction methods. A manual extraction is provided for the most complex cases with multiple sources possibly including extended emission too.

  • PACSman
    Suite of IDL routines to process level 2 Herschel cubes. Routines include transient correction, line fitting, map projection, and map analysis. Mostly meant to be a user-friendly alternative to HIPE. PACSman is available by request.
  • --- Various stuff

  • Custom arXiv listings
    An online tool to filter arXiv recent listings based on keywords. No account required.